October 2021 Luncheon

President Vicki Germann gave the introduction and membership report.

President-Elect Jeana Anliker gives presentation on the Airport vote and how it will add value to our community

Legislative/Governmental affairs chairman Reynaldo Mesa gave the RPAC Report

President Vicki Germann announces the newly elected 2022 GCBOR Officers

GCBOR 2022 President-Elect Cindy Unger (Heritage Realty)

GCBOR 2022 Secretary-Treasurer-Elect Becky Heiman (MBA Real Estate)

GCBOR 2022 3-Year Director Brian Crockett (Envision Real Estate)

Thank you, Kathy Cooksey with Wells Fargo for sponsoring the GCBOR Luncheon!!!

Guest speaker Larry Goodell, Wells Fargo Market Manager from Iowa

Guest Speaker David Estes, Wells Fargo Kansas City Branch Manager