September 2021MLS Meeting Minutes


September 29, 2021

9:30 A.M.

PRESENT: MLS Chairman: Becky Heiman, Directors: Brian Crockett, Vicki Bulkley, President: Vicki Germann, President Elect: Jeana Anliker, and Secretary: Cindy Unger.

ABSENT: Directors: Judy Nusser, Amanda Janda, Kim Grebe, Jamie Biera, and Shanna Jagels

Becky Heiman called the meeting to order.

Minutes of the August 25th, 2021 meeting were approved as published.

New Business:

Brian Crockett asked if zoning section on Data form could be moved to the top by the address input, it was agreed by all that the Data sheet and data entry into Rapattoni is very scattered, Lyndsay will be talking with Lisa Deghand on this matter to see if the data sheet is uniformly used by all, or if we can change it.

Lyndsay Plankenhorn will also be talking to Lisa Deghand on the sole purpose of the “temporary active” button, as it was discovered that when a listing is submitted as “temporary active”, the listing is going live in MLS and being advertised by Zillow before being reviewed and changed to “active”.

Old Business:

IDX regulation/statute 16.3.3 – It was decided by all attendees that all agencies should be compliant with this statute change by January 1, 2022. If an agency is unable to have this completed by said time, they need to communicate with Lyndsay Plankenhorn the details of the issue.

Homesnap – Cindy Unger shared some pros and cons on this app, Lyndsay Plankenhorn is still doing some research on cost, no decision was made on purchasing this app until having further details. Cindy Unger suggested that the committee looks into Homespotter and Prospects apps and compare pros, cons, and costs.

Other Business:

No further business, meeting was adjourned.

Adjourned at 10:26 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Lyndsay Plankenhorn, E.O.